Hi, my name is

Drew Poland

I’m a

$rolesArray = [
    role  => Software Developer,
    role2 => Product Creator,
    role3 => Entrepreneur
who specializes in building cool stuff for the web.

Latest stories

IDE Terminal House Keeping


I have no real idea why this happens, but my editor will start throwing errors that are well, cryptic. Missing config or profile files and compinit errors. Generally to be ignored by most of us, in the name of doing some housekeeping, I wanted to get rid of these nags. drew@drews-mbp some-folder % /Users/drew/.zprofile:source:1: no such file or directory: /Users/drew/.profile compinit:503: no...

Set upstream and publish branch on git push


For those of you that work on a lot of different repo’s and in different branches in those repos, I’m sure you see this a lot when trying to publish a new branch. Womp womp, error! Like most of you I just copy/paste what it tells me to, but it does give us a hint to how to fix this issue by telling us to look in git help config so we can set push.autoSetupRemote to true. The only...

Revert Single File in GIT Commit


Step by step how to revert a file from a commit: Where to find the commit ID you’ll need Navigate to the repo which has the file version you are looking forClick through until you get to the file in questionTop right of the table you will see the last commit with a commit ID, 7 characters long and cryptic lookingCopy that number (example: 491ce18) and remember the path/to/your/file.phpIn...

Sort Posts in Multidimensional Array by ACF Repeater Field Value


If you have a collection of posts that need sorted or filtered by a repeater field, this can be a bit of a pain to query for. The normal WP_Query meta_query arguments won’t work here. To visualize this, lets imagine you have a custom post type of Trips. Inside Trips, you have repeating fields for Dates of each trip and a checkbox if it should be Featured. If you want to show ALL Trips that are...

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